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OiX Power

The world is standing at a cusp and there are opportunities that never existed before and as new industries crop up, it is imperative that the industries adopt the latest technologies. This is where our solutions come in. Our multiple technology expertise enables us to look at things in a more comprehensive manner.
This is the future - Smart devices, Smart homes, Smart cities - overall, a smart world. “Smart” technological implementations play a key role in our vision. With the growing presence of WiFi and 4G-LTE wireless Internet access, the evolution toward omnipresent information and communication networks is already evident. Countries like India are looking towards smart cities to leverage technology for citizen empowerment.
There is a focus on the implementation of solar power at the smallest level in many countries. There are communities where the streetlights and common amenities are being powered by solar power. Many barren non-farmland are being converted to solar farms.
There are numerous reasons to invest time and technology on a solar farm. it is also a daunting task to maintain these farms. With IoT-enabled monitoring, you can easily identify an issue with a particular solar panel and maintenance teams can be sent immediately, knowing exactly which panel is broken. You can also achieve better forecasting and predict energy output based on historical data. For a solar farm, in particular, it is important to make sure you are producing the right amount of energy, as overproducing results in wasted money and underproducing means penalties or loss of customers.

Solar Farm Monitoring & Analytics Using Cloud IoT Core

For our IoT solar farm solution, we use our own cloud-based solution. OiXPower has various benefits for solar farms through its wide array of products. We use Cloud IoT Core, Big Query, Cloud ML, and other products to implement this solution.

Real-Time Monitoring

Without a "smart" solution tracking it, a solar farm is ordinarily metered as a total output of a few arrays. However, with our IoT based solutions, a sensor on an individual solar panel can be used to monitor precise parameters such as energy output, temperature, tilt angle, and cardinal direction. However, if we put sensors on each panel, we will have to find a solution to manage all the panels individually. With OiXPower, this management is easy.
The real power of IoT Core is that it allows us to manage individual panels rather than a whole array at once. This granularity gives solar farm managers peace of mind, allowing them to monitor and correct issues with particular panels quickly. IoT Core also comes with built-in security features such as hardware root of trust, making it one of the most secure IoT management systems out-of-the-box.

Real-Time Maintenance

Most Solar Farms are built away from the population. With OiXPower, the control center can be notified of problems with individual panels. This will ease the process of identifying the issue with lower output of the farm when it comes.
Overall, our IoT-enabled solutions will improve the efficiency of solar farms, allowing more detailed monitoring and predictions. Our IoT Core is incredibly effective here as it can manage multiple panels at once.