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OiX Manufacturing


OiX BBIoT platform can be used for developing applications for tracing the manufactured products. Smart contracts between the consumers and manufacturers can keep production records. In case of product recalls (either due to manufacturing defects or faulty parts) after the products are delivered, traceability applications can help identify the affected units.

Supply Chain Tracking

OiX BBIoT platform has extremely well-targetted capabilities for developing supply chain tracking applications. While the Blockchain and Smart Contracts can keep a formal registry of products and track their possession through different points in a supply chain, IoT helps in physical verification of the data. Such applications can also enable automated reconciliation.

Product Certification

OiX BBIoT platform can be used for developing product certification applications. Blockchain can record manufacturing information for a product, like the manufacturing facility details, machine details, manufacturing date, and parts information. While physical certificates can be manipulated and faked, this information will help in proving the authenticity of the products.

Product Certification

OiX BBIoT platform can be used for developing supplier identity and reputation management applications. They will help track performance parameters like delivery times, customer reviews and seller ratings.

Such an application will help manufacturers decide the best case scenario and engage in best practice sharing. Such applications can also be used by consumers to find sellers that can meet their exact requirements.

Registry of Assets & Inventory

OiX BBIoT platform can be used for maintaining records of manufacturing assets and inventory. The applications can keep records of the asset identification information. This can track the transfer of assets through the supply chain, thus eliminating the need for manual paper records.