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Basic Policy for Disclosure and Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors, etc.

The following is our basic policy for disclosure and dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc.

Complying with related laws and regulations

Comply with related laws such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Companies Act and regulations.


Always disclose factual information regardless of its content.


Disclose without delay any facts found that should be disclosed.


Disclose information by a method that is equally fair to all of our diverse stakeholders.


Maintain continuity in the content of information that is disclosed.


Regarding insider information and information that Oix Global regards as important, leaking to a third party (including our employees) is prohibited before an official disclosure is made.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors, etc.

  • The senior management and directors will strive to engage in dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., within reasonable limits.
  • OiX promotes dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc., through the following activities;

Presentations for analysts and institutional investors (Results, management plans, results forecasts, etc.)

We hold extraordinary meetings when announcing large-scale projects of particular interest to analysts and individual investors.

Individual meetings for overseas institutional investors

We attend conferences and hold individual meetings with overseas institutional investors.

Presentations for individual investors are made available on OiX Investor relations website.

Control of insider information in conducting dialogue with shareholders and investors, etc.

The basic principle is not to communicate such information to third parties (including our employees) until timely and fair disclosure is conducted. When dialogue is conducted with investors in individual meetings, multiple staff members must always participate to make sure that such information is handled carefully.

Codes of conduct

OiX pledges to abide by the antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws. OiX and their directors, officers, and other corporate insiders undertake to comply with all other applicable insider trading related rules.

Quiet period

During two weeks prior to the announcement of financial results (quarterly or annual), as a quiet period, we do not make any comments on business results or earnings forecasts unless matters subject to timely disclosure have occurred.

Market Rumors

In general, we do not make any comments on market rumors. However, we may take appropriate measures when not making a response to such rumors could have a significant influence on the Company.

Positioning of this website

Investor Relations" part of this webpage has been created in order to provide clear and timely IR information for our shareholders and investors for their further understanding of OiX Global. Following the disclosure of information, we will endeavor to disclose the information on the webpage as soon as possible. However, please understand that disclosure may be delayed due to the information and telecommunications technology and other problems, and there may be times that information is not disclosed in entirety.