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Blockchain Ready Cloud

OiX Government Cloud is a Blockchain ready and it is the most advanced and comprehensive offering of its own kind. OiX business cloud helps enterprises build and manage blockchain solutions without having to start from scratch. As more government records move on Blockchain, this will be a much sought after service by government agencies and we can leverage our expertise in both the technologies.

For any further question on our Government Cloud offering please get in touch through our websites www.oix.global and www.oix.li

Quick Deployment

With OiX Blockchain backbone on OiX Government Cloud you can configure and deploy your blockchain solution with just a few clicks. It is not just ideal for dev/test exploration, or for the Backbone’s automatic ledger deployment, but its inherent intergration of blockchain network construction and availability of pre-built blockchain commands greatly reduce infrastructure development time in final deployment too.

Build applications expeditiously

With OiX Government Cloud you can reduce the development time and cost with prebuilt integrations to the cloud services. OiX sdk you can securely store private keys with our Key Vault. OIX blockchain framework signing, hashing and routing tools transform messages into the format expected by blockchain native api.

Innovation Simplified

Build on your own timeline and scale when you need to, using the global availability and reliability of our Government Cloud. You can find out mor about our alignment with various security standards.