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OiX Government Features

OiX Government is a highly capable solution of infrastructure, fabric, services, and the frameworks that can be used to develop complex solutions for government agencies.

The capability of OiX Government Cloud include IaaS and SaaS, providing a robust setup capable of computing, network infrastructure, storage, and identity management services. With the OiX Government Cloud the agencies are able to exercise the flexibility to choose either setup to quickly build, test, deploy, and manage applications.

Cloud Services

OiX Cloud Services is the ideal choice for any government agency where we take care of the infrastructure services like Operating system patching, monitoring and scaling. This gives the customer the freedom to concentrate on configuration and maintenance of their applications and data.

When an application is developed to run on OiX GC, the code and configuration together form the OiX cloud service. Such creation of cloud service enables deployment of a multi-tier web application. OiX Cloud services can be used to support more complex multi-tier architectures.

Data Management

We provide multiple database options to enable a more customized experience for the customer. They can choose between MySQL, PostgreSQL and MapD GPU Database. These three database services account for more than half of all database deployments.

We also support additional deployment of other data management solutions including but not limited to Oracle and MongoDB.


OiX Government, as a rule, maintains a physically isolated network from its other ventures. The capability necessary to securely connect VMs to one another and to connect on-premises government data centers with Azure Government VMs is leveraged via Virtual networking. OiX blocks unauthorized traffic to and within our data centers. We leverage an assortment of technologies such as firewalls, partitioned Local Area Networks, and physical separation of back-end servers from public-facing interfaces.

Identity Management

OiX Government Blockchain Open Identity Framework is standardized approach to information security implementation and management.

  • OiX Government Open Identity Framework value proposition is to disintermediation of identities and use DLT for compliance enforcement by taking advantage of DLTs like Blockchain and reconcile with applications and validate the user access in compliant with disparate compliance requirements.
  • Open Identity Framework helps government agencies to sustain the adoption of blockchain as per adopted strategy and risk tolerance and foster the culture of control and effectively pivot from build to sustain.
  • OiX Governance and accountability Solution encompass layered rating system that specifically rates governance and controls.
  • OiX Blockchain Identity Governance extend X.509 Public Key Infrastructure and apply RFC 3161 trusted timestamps to time-sensitive transactions through independently verified and auditable date and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) sources. This provides a long term validation and non-repudiation of the time and date the transaction took place.
  • OiX Government Identity PKI and Digital Signature Framework verify digital signatures and allow verify different use cases such as IoT, Financial Transitions etc.
  • OiX Government platform aligns with Gov.uk Open standards for government and The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program to enable government agencies to seamlessly adapt the Block Chain applications and services.
  • OiX Open Identity Framework provides privacy while allowing users, customers, manufacturers to participate in integrated application platform for Government Citizen Benefit Services and third party external service providers.
  • OiX Identity Framework helps disparate participants in decision making to be authoritative and control/issue the lifecycle of authentication token , authorization tokens for devices and or applications or transactions.
  • OiX Government Open Identity Framework increases ROI and promotes reusability to reduce cost.
  • OiX Hyperledger supports private (permissioned) Blockchain through its identity management service which authenticates all participants in the network.
  • OiX Open Identity supports SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID, and WS-Federations.
  • OiX Government Cloud Strong authentication uses natively integrated biometric security.
  • Every privilege action and or event requires 2 factor authentication /authorization enforced by Biometric security.
  • Users and system administrators Access to privilege system, data and or process requires biometric validation and helps enforce the authentication and authorization control.
  • OiX Multi Signature Biometrics enabled Open Identity Framework can be used for both on-premises and OiX Government cloud applications.