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What is it all about, anyway?

OiX is all about ensuring that investors find a platform that gives them maximum security and brings them face to face with ICOs (ISOs, in our case) that are as close to being compliant as can be also, if the company wants to attract US investors, be registered as securities in the US with SEC. To make it simple – we make our listed tokens take all the precaution that is needed to protect our investors. It is a full disclosure securities just like an IPO. ISO is the Blockchain empowered equivalent of IPO. It has more stringent requirements than ICO but not quite as much as IPO. In the lack of a regulatory body, the ISO goes as far as it is possible in an unregulated market to make sure that the companies offer as much information to the public as possible. ISO is there to ensure that investors are able to take a more informed decision and the companies are able to get easy acceptance by regulators when regulations set in.

What are your goals?

  • Introduce ISO, a process of Blockchain based Crowdfunding that is as close to IPO as possible in current environment;
  • Create an ecosystem where the investors feel empowered and are able to take informed decisions;
  • Protect investors from scams by listing highest quality tokens;
  • Provide a well-defined platform for the Blockchain companies to not just source for Initial funds but by engaging with the investors create a scenario where they are able to get growth capital in the future without much effort;
  • Offer a platform where ICOs can be transformed into ISOs and be legal and compliant;
  • Offer advisory services to those trying to go the securities way;
  • Grow the Blockchain economy.

What is the minimum possible investment?

Most of the time, smaller investors are protected by SEC or similar governing bodies. These bodies do not protect the Blockchain investors and that is why we see so many scams and pump and dump activities. While we do not try to “preach” the investors we certainly want to teach/educate the investors how to invest safely and wisely. For this, we have two segments of investors – public investors who have a cap on how much they can purchase in a particular token and accredited and large buyers who have no cap. More details on this will be released later.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we will be hiring in a week or so around 2nd week of April). Notifications will be prominently displayed on job section of the oix.global site, linkedin.com and indeed.com.

Supervision and control of Trading in Security

OiX deploys the Federal Information Processing Standard to protect the data at rest and all the transfer of data is encrypted. The Access to data is control by Access Control System and separation of duty principals. Access to privileged data is controlled using 2 factor authentication system and follows the federal standard of security control such as FedRAMP, NIST and makes reasonable effort to conform to the compliance guidelines.
Fraud Prevention: OiX employs segregation of duties policies to protect organization from unauthorized access to account and the data.
OiX SoD policy engine has several components:

  • Define sets of two or more entitlements that should not be held by a single user.
  • Access certification is used to periodically renew approved SoD exceptions.

Least privilege: OiX platform implements least privilege access system. This ensures everyone uses a standard user account, even system administrators and managers. This minimizes the threat since a standard user can’t install programs or modify system settings.

None of the Administrators have access to data or can take control of infrastructure. Access to data and management dashboard is controlled by combination of 2FA software and hardware tokens.

The OiX platform enables users to include multiple stake holders and more than one hardware and software tokens for successful access to account, data and infrastructure.

Privileged Access: The platform by design does not grant admin rights to any user. The privilege access requires multiple stakeholders to log into system. The ‘deny all’ rule ensures, the data is protected by unauthorized access. We supervise the transactions to the point that an automatic trigger is pulled whenever there is a large/unusual transaction.

Monitoring: Transactions are monitored using patented proprietary algorithms and automatic rules and flags are applied to protect investors from unusual and malicious transactions.

KYC and AML: With KYC and AML policies strictly in place at the time of on boarding of both tokens and investors, a trust environment exists.

Pump and Dump:We have strong policies against pump and dump. OiX proprietary Exchange Circuit Breaker algorithm works much like the Securities Stock exchanges. If any token sees unusual activity and the price of a token rises more than 7% in one minute, the algorithm halt trading of that stock for 30 minutes and the cycle repeats till such time as pump and dump attacks go away. This helps keep the platform compliant with the stock market regulations in various countries.

Timely Disclosure of Corporate information

We are introducing a new feature as yet unseen in the Blockchain market. IR section is a mandatory page for all publicly listed companies and will be required for any token that gets listed on our exchange. Details of this will be shared shortly through our website.

What are some of the key features of your platform

Free Listing of companies

  • ERC23 Ready
  • Create ERC23 compliant tokens with increased operability with other exchanges such as Coinbase
  • Transition of tokens to other exchanges
  • Stable Secured infrastructure
  • Easier Exit Strategy
  • Non-disclosure of the trading members identity
  • Transparent Transaction
  • Access to large pool of investors
  • Access to FINRA compliant platform for USA market
  • Access to Investment Bankers
  • Empaneled compliance regulations advisors on our platform.

Legal Blockchain token and challenges are something that is imperative for future growth of ICOs. How can we tackle it?

Our premise is that we will only on-board those tokens that are ready to go the distance when it comes to being structured as legal securities. This ensures that we are already up to the challenge when we come to the time when regulations become stringent across the globe. Any token that does not do timely financial disclosures will be delisted from the platform. Many such steps will help us stay legal in the long run.

There are more questions about going legal than there are answers. The most important thing, at this time, is asking the right questions even if you know there are no answers. What do you say?